I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and by courtesy, of Political Science, at Stanford University, and the Faculty Director of the Stanford Basic Income Lab.

Starting September 1st 2023, I will be an Associate Professor of Philosophy at New York University.

My book Justice Across Ages: Treating Young and Old as Equals (Oxford University Press, 2021) asks how we should respond to inequalities between persons at different stages of their lives. I develop a theory that guides a fair distribution of goods like jobs, healthcare, income, and political power between age groups.

My work on age group justice has led me to the relational egalitarian position on the significance of equality for social justice. My current project explores the kinds of egalitarian relationships we have reasons to value by looking at the modes of relating we have reasons to avoid. I am writing two connected papers – the first on infantilization and the second on demonization.

My work branches from philosophy into public policy. I have written on youth policies, youth quotas in parliaments and income security for the young. As Faculty Director of the Basic Income Lab, I also research the philosophy, economics and politics of Universal Basic Income.